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Mid-South Chapter SFPE September 2015 President’s Message

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To All,


As I normally start the September President’s Message, I hope everyone had a great summer. We are entering our fall meeting schedule which starts on September 15 with our first fall chapter meeting (see the attached Meeting Notice). Tim Frederick, President and Founder of SoniTech NDT will be visiting us from Denver, CO to provide a presentation directed toward determining if sprinkler piping has any internal obstructions that would impact the proper operation of such a system (see attached information). During his presentation he will be discussing:

  • Different types of internal sprinkler pipe obstructions,

  • Providing information on pipe wall loss issues

  • Inspection techniques including Ultrasound Non-Destructive Testing inspection process

  • Guidelines for determining which inspection technique is appropriate for a given situation


So please come to hear Tim’s presentation and learn about ultrasound obstruction investigation. Let’s all welcome Tim after his long trip from Denver.


During this President’s Message we usually provide information regarding our annual Seminar. Unfortunately our speaker fell through so we will not have an annual seminar in 2015. We hope to get back on track and have one in the fall of 2016.

Our November meeting is our annual business meeting during which we will hold chapter elections and present the annual report. As always we are asking that YOU, as a chapter member, become more involved with the operation of the chapter and consider becoming a chapter officer or be part of one (or more than one) of the many chapter standing committees. Since you are receiving this e-mail you must be interested in the educational opportunities provided by the chapter. In order for that to continue, and for the chapter to grow and provide important local support in the area of fire protection and prevention we need everyone to take on a role, even if only a small role, in the operation of the chapter. Please consider this request and contact one of the chapter officers to learn about the many options in supporting the chapter.      


Our web site is where we post all of the chapter events and information. Please make sure you visit this site frequently and inform others about the site and the chapter. The URL for the web site is The site will be going through an update in the near future so keep informed by visiting the site regularly.


Please do not forget the Fire Museum of Memphis and visit their web site to learn about all the fantastic things they are doing to educate and inform the public about Fire Safety. New exhibits are being installed and other changes are underway. Also please visit the museum at 118 Adams Ave, Memphis TN 38103 to learn and enjoy and discover all that is going on now and in the future of the museum.


Take care and hope to see you all at the meetings.


Jerry Vuoso, President

Mid-South SFPE

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