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Mid-South Chapter SFPE November 2015 President’s Message

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To All,


Well as we prepare to close our chapter activities for the 2015 calendar year I am pleased to announce that James “Andy” Lynch with Amped I R&D will be our speaker for the November 17 chapter meeting. He provided a very interesting presentation in 2014 which touched on several different research projects that had been performed by Amped I and this year he will provide more information on testing and research projects that are underway at Amped I R&D.  I am attaching a meeting notice with more information.  James will be traveling here from Pennsylvania so please come out and give him that well-known warm Memphis Welcome and hear some really interesting information with regards to Fire Protection Technology that I’m sure will impact us all in the near future.


November is usually our Chapter Business meeting but since there will be no changes in the chapter officers we will forgo the business portion of the meeting. Instead I am attaching the Annual Report for all to read.  Please read this annual report carefully and consider your role as outlined in the report. 


I will be attending the SFPE Annual Conference which is being held in Philadelphia, PA which starts on Sunday November 8 and I will be representing the chapter at this year’s Leadership Forum.


Our web site is where we post all of the chapter events and information. Please make sure you visit this site frequently and inform others about the site and the chapter.  The URL for the web site is  The site will be going through an update in the near future so keep informed by visiting the site regularly.


Please do not forget the Fire Museum of Memphis and visit their web site to learn about all the fantastic things they are doing to educate and inform the public about Fire Safety. New exhibits are being installed and other changes are underway.  Also please visit the museum at 118 Adams Ave, Memphis TN 38103 to learn and enjoy and discover all that is going on now and in the future of the museum.


Take care and hope to see you all at the meetings.


Jerry Vuoso, President

Mid-South SFPE


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