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January 2016 Mid-South SFPE President’s Message

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To All,


Welcome to the 2016 Mid-South new year. Attached is the annual meeting schedule. As usual, the meetings will be held at the Benjamin Hooks Memphis Central Library, 3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN.  Meetings will start at 3:00 PM and last about one hour.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of a speaker the January meeting is being canceled.  We will keep you informed regarding future meeting and meeting topics.  If there is a particular topic you would like to suggest please feel free to contact me.


With the New Year comes the request for all interested individuals to financially support the chapter by paying the annual dues. The dues has not changed and is still $20.00 for all except for those in the public sector with dues of only $1.00.  You can pay by sending a check payable to the “Mid-South Chapter SFPE” (If sending a check is not possible please pay the dues at the first meeting you attend).  Send the checks to:


Mid-South SFPE

c/o David Pulliam

Tri-State Sprinkler Corp.

3729 E Raines Rd

Memphis, TN 38118


Thank you for your interest and I hope I will be seeing you at the chapter meetings.


Jerry Vuoso, PE

President, Mid-South Chapter SFPE

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