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Mid-South SFPE April 2016 President’s Message

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To All,


First let me apologize for the tardiness of this message. To get to the point, unfortunately we have to cancel our scheduled April 19th meeting due to the lack of a speaker.  Let’s not despair though because during our May 17th meeting we will hear from Skip Westbrook with Chemguard-Tyco Fire Protection Products regarding updates in firefighting foam technology. Our June meeting will be joint meeting with the Memphis Area Fire Protection Association so our June meeting date will change from June 21 to June 9th.  During this meeting Joe Tortorici with Tyco Fire Protection Products will discuss the inspection of AFFF systems to comply with NFPA 25 and Ansul’s guidelines.  Both meetings will really complement each other so please update your calendars and make plans to attend both meetings.  A meeting notice will be sent out in advance of both meetings.


Other news is that Phil Gunning will be our presenter for our Annual Technical Seminar to be held in November. The topic will be on Fire Pump system design, installation and maintenance.  We are working out details for the venue and once it is set up we will send out a flyer.


Remember to visit our chapter website at and visit the SFPE International web site at .  Also remember to visit and support the Fire Museum of Memphis and visit their web site to learn about all the fantastic things they are doing to educate and inform the public about Fire Safety. The museum is located at 118 Adams Ave, Memphis TN 38103.


Jerry Vuoso, PE

President, Mid-South Chapter SFPE

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