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Mid-South Chapter February 2017 Presidents Message

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To All,


Welcome to the 2017 Mid-South SFPE program.  Our first meeting of 2017 will be held on February 21 and our speaker will be Matt Taber, Account Manager with TriNova, Inc. (see attached meeting notice).  He will be providing information on automatic heat tracing of water based fire protection piping.  This type of alternative freeze protection is acceptable with NFPA codes but must meet certain design and installation requirements.  Matt will also provide some information on a Process Control Training Center operated by TriNova located here in Memphis.  This will be an interesting topic that is not something everyone thinks about.  So please plan on attending.


The Mid-South Meeting schedule is attached for reference.


Another fire protection system related meeting being offered by the Memphis Area Fire Protection Association is concerning the MLGW New Cross Connection Control Program Requirements (see attached notice).  The speaker will be Darryl Tomlinson, PE, Lead System Engineer, Water Engineering & Operations Department of MLGW.  The meeting will be held on Thursday February 9 at 3:00 PM at the Benjamin Hooks Central Library.   


As a reminder of my November 2016 message, the 2017 chapter year will be different than in the past.  See excerpts from my November message which follows:


1.     The existing officers will remain in their current positons and Majid Hatamzadeh has agreed to be Vice President.  So the officers and board will be as follows in 2017:

a.     Jerry Vuoso, President

b.     Majid Hatamzadeh, Vice President

c.     Jeremy Jones, Secretary

d.     David Pulliam, Treasurer

e.     Sheldon Dacus, Immediate Past President

2.     We will have scheduled chapter meetings on alternating months as listed:

a.     February

b.     April

c.     June

d.     September

e.     November

3.     We will try to have an annual Technical Seminar in the fall.  If we can arrange this seminar, we will eliminate one of the fall chapter meetings.

4.     We will not charge chapter dues in 2017.  Those that paid chapter dues in 2016 will be considered members in 2017.  If someone wishes to financially support the chapter by paying dues in 2017 we will accept the offer.

5.     We will consider having selected joint meetings with the Memphis Area Fire Protection Association

6.     We will evaluate the chapter operation in the June/July time period and coupled with information regarding the development of the new SFPE Chapter classifications we will determine if the chapter will continue and in what format.

See you at the February meeting,

Jerry Vuoso, President, Mid-South SFPE

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